Posted by Peggy Farber on 8/23/2017

Colors are a big reason why you marvel when you see a full bouquet of flowers. The more colors there are in a bouquet, the seemingly more gorgeous and lively the bouquet may appear. Itís no wonder that art lovers spend hours perusing a museum, slowly passing one colorful painting, fabric design or sculpture after another.

Colors are great for spotlighting personality

When it comes to a house, colors have a huge impact as well. While house hunting, you may have visited a house that was painted in so many colors that you took a step back. Bright purples, oranges and sunshine yellows may have turned you off.

Why? Too much color.

Yet, your home is your castle. Itís the place where you want to feel like you can totally relax. Home is also the place where you want to spotlight your winning personality. And you should showcase your personality and taste.

But, you may not need to limit that form of self-expression to wall paint. You may want to paint your kitchen and dining room a similar color and your living room and den another color. If you change furniture every three to four years, it could save you time and paint to go with neutral colors like browns, whites and blues when choosing house paint.

Going with neutral or only three different colors of wall paint doesnít mean you have to skimp on style and color at your house. Check out these creative ways to put your personality on display at home using color:

There are many ways to add color to your house. If youíre especially creative, you could draw or paint your own wall hangings, frame them and decorate your walls with your own artwork. You could also encase family pictures in different colored picture frames. These are just a few ways to add more color to your house without painting each room of your house a different color. Of course, if you absolutely love colors, you can always turn your house walls into a beautiful canvas.

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