Posted by Peggy Farber on 7/26/2017

Move into a smaller home and youíll quickly see how many accessories, furniture pieces and memorabilia youíve been holding onto. Have an attic or basement and the amount of items that you have could more than double what you had when you first moved into your own place. It makes downsizing your home with style a challenge. But,it doesnít make it impossible.

Get ready to downsize without feeling like you're living space is shrinking

To prepare yourself for downsizing, walk inside a model home. A model apartment works too.Pay attention to how you feel while in an uncluttered space. Does the model have the furniture and accessories that you would need without adding all of the items that youíve collected over the years? Be honest. If so, consider removing items at your home that you really donít need. You can donate these items to charity.

Watch online videos and television programs that show people downsizing. Check out before and after videos and pictures of the homes. Listen to interviews of people who downsized with style. You may hear someone who reminds you of yourself sharing their story about how downsizing with style improved their homeís functionality and how they feel.

Get your family together and discuss downsizing. Talk about which items youíre thinking about letting go of. See if anyone has emotional ties to the items. If they do,consider allowing each family member to keep up to two items that they feel emotionally connected to. Let them know that other unused items will be donated to charity.

After you donate furniture or accessories to charity, give your floors and walls a good cleaning. Consider painting and installing new carpet. If you have hardwood floors, you could polish them. You could also sand down pieces that have started to bubble or that have become warped.

By removing heavy drapes and curtains from windows, youíll welcome more natural light inside your home. Adding light colored blinds to your windows can make a room feel bigger. Downsizing with style includes letting go of clothes and shoes that you havenít worn in two or more years. You should actually be able to walk in your walk in closet.

Get rid of enough unused and unnecessary items and you may be able to move into a smaller house. Youíll be part of a trend, as small houses are popular. Another way to downsize with style is to hang one picture, quote or design on a wall. Avoid hanging three or more pictures on a wall, cramming walls with too many decorations.Focus on living light and clutter free.

Living clutter free has rewards. You may feel freer and lighter on the inside. If you tripped over furniture and accessories before, the number of times that you do so after you downsize may drop significantly. Dancing, exercising at home and playing floor games will be a lot easier. You also wonít spend money on furniture and other merchandise that you already own but couldnít find when your house was over crowded. Your home will also look and feel a lot bigger