Posted by Peggy Farber on 3/29/2017

Pictures tell remarkable stories of your family Ė decorative gold, silver and wood frames bordering color images of your children at play or you and your partner holding hands. Pictures add beauty to your home. They showcase the more important aspects of your lifeís journey. These portraits also serve as reminders of the sweetest experiences you created with people you love.

How pictures could be destroying your walls

Itís no wonder that every room of your home has at least one portrait on the wall. But,thereís a downside to hanging pictures, even the most elaborate portraits. You know  what the drawback is. You just keep turning away from it.

Your pictures are destroying your walls. Each time you hang another picture, you put a new hole in a wall at your home. Some reasons why pictures put holes in walls are:

  • Frames are too heavy for the nail that they hangon. If frames outweigh the maximum support a nail is built to provide, theframe could rip a hole in to a wall.
  • Backings on picture frames have sharp edges that cut into your walls or that chip paint.
  • Nails that you hang pictures on are thick and leave large holes when you remove or replace pictures.
  • You hang different portraits, motivational slogans and paintings in the same area. Over time, several small holes have combined into one large hole in a wall.
  • To conceal holes that a nail or frame created,you paint damaged spots on walls. All this does is to make an off color marking on walls.

Tips to beautiful walls at home

Before youhang the first picture on your house walls consider these safety steps. They couldkeep your walls whole, appealing and strong. Most of these steps only require afew seconds of thought or effort.

  • Buy frames that come with the right nails and brackets. Take the guesswork out of which size nails to use.
  • Tap nails into walls instead of applying too much pressure. Use a small hammer to keep from puncturing holes in walls.
  • Hang pictures, calendars and holiday decorations on adhesive hangars. You can find these houseware products at convenience,department and hardware stores. Choose adhesive hangars that peel away from the wall without removing paint.
  • Place a stripe of cloth over the place on the wall where you want to hang a frame.
  • Fill and replace holes in walls after you remove picture frames, calendars and decorative paintings. Avoid hammering new decorations in a spot on the wall that already has a hole in it.
  • Limit the number of walls or places on your walls that you hang portraits.
  • Reach out to a contractor or an interior designer to hang heavy paintings and frames. Also, check to see if retailers and art shops that you buy heavy paintings from offer free installation services.

Family portraits and wood motivational quotes arenít the only items that put holes in the walls of your home. Calendars and holiday greeting cards leave holes too. Consider hanging pictures, calendars and other decorative items with adhesive tape. Also, use the proper nails and brackets when hanging pictures. Doing so could help to keep your house walls healthy for years.

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