Posted by Peggy Farber on 11/9/2016

Planting new trees and shrubs is a perfect landscape project. Visit a few nurseries and keep on the lookout while you are driving or walking around town. You may see the tree or bush that you are looking to purchase and plant so that when you get to the store to make the purchase you know what you want. If you did your homework, you know the height and width of your new tree or bush once it matures. You also know the condition of soil and light that this tree or bush requires. Knowing this information is imperative to choosing the right tree, bush or plant for your location. Digging a hole big enough to support the roots as well as leaving room for growth is important. Be sure the plant fits nicely in the hole, not too tight. The location of the tree or bush must be far enough away from the house, wires and any other permanent structures that it may encounter in its lifetime. Spacing the tree or bush away from other trees and structures will allow it to have maximum sun and not reach for its share by growing crooked. Keeping your new tree or bush watered is an important step in allowing the plant to “take” to its new location. Remember, this tree will be here for its lifetime, so pick a good spot and take care to set it in properly.

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