Posted by Peggy Farber on 6/1/2016

Trees can be a fun and an easy way to create some great curb appeal. The ideal time to plant trees is after leaf drop in the fall or early spring before budbreak. Spring and fall weather conditions are cool and allow plants to establish roots in their new location. Roots can grow even when soil temperature is as low as 40 degrees. Best trees to plant in the fall are maple, hackberry, ash, thornless honey locust, linden, crabapple, sycamore, hawthorn and horse chestnut trees. Spring is best for slower to establish trees like oak, birch, willow, ginkgo, sweetgum, American yellowwood and American hornbeam. Follow these steps to ensure less stress on your tree when planting: 1. Dig a shallow, broad planting hole. The hole should be three times the diameter of the root ball but only as deep as the root ball. 2. Plant so that the trunk flare is partially visible. The trunk flare is where the roots spread at the base of the tree. 3. Fill the hole about one-third full. Gently but firmly pack the soil around the base of the root ball. Make sure to remove any fabric, plastic, string, and wire from around the trunk and root ball to facilitate growth. 4. Mulch well to conserve soil temperature. 5. Water the tree so the soil moist. Be careful not to overwater. Overwatering can cause leaves to turn yellow or fall off. This mostly applies to smaller trees, for larger, more mature tress it is best to hire a professional.