Posted by Peggy Farber on 4/6/2016

If you have a wood-burning stove, or a fireplace, you will want to pay attention to this. Wood is expensive, if you have to buy it. A cord of aged wood costs anywhere from $75 to $250 per cord these days. If you cut and split your own, well, you know the cost in manpower and time to do that. In any case, you must take care of the wood in order for it to be dry and usable when you need it in the cold winter months. Depending on how much you use wood to heat your home, you will need 2-3 cords for the season. When the snow starts to pile, up, you will be thankful you planned ahead. Trudging through deep snow is not always fun, especially when you are lugging heavy loads of wood to keep your family warm. If this winter is anything like last yearís in the Northeast, youíll be glad you took the time to prepare for it. Weathermen are predicting a bad season, much like the last winter. Choose wisely where you will store the wood outside. You donít want to have to move it once you have it delivered, or have to move the wood you have cut and split to another place. Donít put it too close to the house; critters like to hide in it! You do want it to be reachable in the dead of winter, though, so designate a spot nearby your dwelling. If you take the time to lay the wood pile out in a pattern, air will circulate throughout it, keeping it from rotting during the long winter. Cover it with a tarp; wet wood only makes for a smoky fire, not something you want in your home. Put the wood on a base, too, keeping it off the ground. Rocks, or wood pallets will work just fine. Once you have stacked and covered the woodpile, youíre ready to sit back and relax in front of a roaring fire, sipping a hot Chocolate, cup of coffee or tea and be secure in the fact that you and your family will be safe and warm through the winter.

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