Posted by Peggy Farber on 5/10/2017

Youíre right to want more space at home. Sufficient space keeps you from feeling cramped. It also keeps you from feeling like you got ripped off when you bought your house and as if you are paying too much for the amount of house you get to live in.

Ask yourself the right questions to start getting more space at home

Itís bad enough that you spend hours a day working in a small office or worse, an even smaller, cubicle. You shouldnít have to come home and feel boxed in too. The good news is that you have options.

The easiest way to more space at home could be to buy a larger house. Depending on where you live, this could also be the most expensive route to gaining more space at home. But, if you have the finances and the time and motivation to take on a house move, it could be smart to search for then transition into a bigger house.

Whether or not itís time to move into a house that offers more square footage is just one of the hard questions that you need to ask yourself to gain more space at home.The number of incomes that contribute to your overall household, how many people will be living at the new house, your credit rating and the amount of disposable income that you have are other questions to consider before you take on a new mortgage.

There are other hard questions to ask yourself to get more space at home. Ask yourself if you are getting the maximum space out of each room at your house. For example, how are you using your basement and attic? Are you getting the most usage out of your garage?

Do you store clothes, Christmas decorations, kitchen supplies and your childrenís school supplies in your pantry or a corner of your bedrooms? Do you even use all of these items?

Check out how you use your closets. Organizers, the stackable and the hanging kind, are great space savers. Another way to gain more space at home is to box and store seasonal products in your attic.

On the other hand, if youíre looking to add another bedroom to your house, you could turn your basement or your attic into an additional bedroom. You could also replace your traditional sofa with a sofa bed.

Furniture changes and room dividers

That one furniture change could keep you from feeling like you have no choice except to take on another, bigger mortgage. Also, toss items that you donít need, that or sell the items. It might be a good idea to hold a garage sell once or twice a year to encourage yourself to let go of old furniture, clothes and other items that are only taking up space at your house.

Dividers also help to offer privacy and create additional temporary rooms at your house.You can get wall to wall dividers or short dividers similar to the dividers that are used in many offices to separate work stations. In the 1960s, beads were used as room dividers. Get creative when seeking ways to set a room off and provide more privacy to larger numbers of people at your house.

Above all, ask yourself if youíre using all of the space at your house wisely. Oddly enough, by getting to most out of all of the space at your house, you could increase your homeís value. For example, turning your attic into another bedroom could raise the value of your home several hundred dollars or more.

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